NIH Biosketch for Community Partner: Guidance & Samples

When a community partner is participating on a research team submitting a grant proposal to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), they may be required to submit a biosketch. NIH recently changed the required format for the biosketch. This is the link to the official template for the new format:

It may be unclear or uncomfortable for community partners to complete this form since it primarily focuses on academic and research areas. Community partners may be concerned about their answers to sections like “contribution to science” and how they will be evaluated by NIH reviewers. This document provides a summary of responses to a request for advice made by ARCC to our partners and members of the Community Campus Partnerships for Health Community-Based Participatory Research Listserv (

Some biosketch examples have been modified to remove identifying information.

Download NIH Biosketch for Community Partner (PDF)

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