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Collaborative Data Analysis

These slides discuss strategies for the involvement of all partners in the interpretation of research findings and how to use a community based participatory research approach for moving from data to action. Includes examples from two CBPR partnerships.

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Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) 101

These slides present the basic principles of CBPR, as well as background on why and how this approach to research is used, benefits, etc. design.

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Building Healthy Partner Relationships

This document describes concepts and questions to consider when starting and building healthy relationships with partners. It also provides tips related to avoiding and dealing with conflicts among partners. Download Building Healthy Partner Relationships (PDF)

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Patient and Stakeholder Engagement in Patient Centered Outcomes Research (PCORI)

This document discusses the potential role of patients and other stakeholders (including caregivers, community members, community organizations,  public agencies, etc.) in a PCORI submission and the process involved in obtaining patient and other stakeholder input during the planning process and throughout a funded PCORI project. Download Patient and Stakeholder Engagement in Patient Centered Outcomes Research […]

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Conducting Research with Chicago Public Schools

This document presents guidance on policy and priority areas for conducting health and wellness research at Chicago Public Schools. This includes: Policies and procedures for conducting Health & Wellness research in CPS, including an overview of current Office of Student Health and Wellness priorities; Requirements and timelines for Health & Wellness collaboration projects; and Guidance […]

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Sample ARCC Funded Proposals

The attached document includes two samples of successful funded proposals submitted by community academic
teams to the ARCC Seed Grant Program. The first is for a partnership-building grant and the second is
for a CBPR implementation grant. It may be helpful to look at these examples but please keep in mind that it’s
necessary to carefully craft a proposal to meet the specific requirements of the funding opportunity being

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