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Sample ARCC Letters of Intent (LOI)

The attached document is a sample of a successful LOIs submitted by a community-academic teams to the ARCC Seed Grant Program. It may be helpful to look at these examples but please keep in mind to carefully craft a LOI to meet the specific requirements of the funding opportunity being pursued.
For additional Information on the ARCC Seed Grant Program:

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Preparing for Discussions with Possible Research Partners

This document can help organizations prepare for discussions with possible research partners (academic or community). Includes 1) things to discuss internally at your organization BEFORE talking with possible research partners; 2) information to give to possible research partners about your organization; and 3) questions to ask possible research partners.

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Research Job/Intern Position Descriptions

This document includes two examples of a job/intern description used by a community-based organization to hire a research coordinator. These may be useful to other CBOs interested in creating or revising job or intern descriptions related to research.

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Community Guidelines for Academic Researchers

This document includes tips and guidelines for academic researchers when considering engaging community-based
organizations to conduct build a partnership and conduct research. These are categorized into three sections: prior to
initiating research, during the research and after the research takes place.

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Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Samples

Partnerships are strongly encouraged to develop a MOU or some other type of written partnership document. Having a written document which records the agreements made by the partnership is an invaluable way to minimize disagreements and can be helpful when bringing new individuals into an established partnership. Several sample MOUs are included.

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Reviewing and Considering Research Requests from Academics

This document includes:
• examples of questions that communities can use to determine if they are interested in partnering or participating in a research requests or proposals that academic or other partners bring
• sample form for academic or other researchers to fill out to request community participation
• two sample forms for community partners reviewing research requests submitted by academic or other researchers.

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