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Discussing & Addressing Challenges in Community-Engaged Research Partnerships

This role-play exercise can be a great way for a CEnR partnership to explore challenges and possible strategies to address them, laugh, and relieve stress. Other relevant resources: Documenting Partnership Roles & Agreements: MOUs & Other Tools Download Addressing Research Partnership Challenges

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Documenting Partnership Roles & Agreements: MOUs & Other Tools

This document provides guidance for research partnerships on how to discuss and document agreements about partnership roles, structures, and process. Related Directory Resources: MOU Samples & MOU Sample w Community Health Center Download Documenting Partnership Roles & Agreements

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Compensation Guidelines for Community & Stakeholder Engagement

This resource shares compensation guidelines used by the Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute. This may be relevant for academic partners or community-academic partnerships to consider and adapt. Download Compensation Guidelines for Communtiy & Stakeholder Engagement

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Dissemination of Research Findings to Community Audiences

This document contains guidance for research partnerships about collaboratively disseminating project information and findings- including things to consider when preparing a dissemination plan and ideas and resources for getting findings out to both community and academic audiences. Related Directory Resource: Collaborative Research Dissemination Examples

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Collaborative Research Dissemination Examples

This document contains examples of dissemination products and activities for three community-academic partnerships. Related Directory Resource: Dissemination of Research Findings to Community Audiences Download Collaborative Research Disssemination Examples (PDF)  

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Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods

This resource introduces qualitative research methodology and presents a context for thinking about when qualitative methods are appropriate/useful. It also overviews the qualitative research process, common data collection methodologies, and data analysis strategies. It may be helpful for community partners and research teams unfamiliar with qualitative methods to review and consider this background in advance […]

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