Applying Racial Equity Lens to Research Engagement: Resource Catalog

ARCC is working to gather resources and tools including articles, videos, and books that are useful for researchers and research partnerships to apply a racial equity lens to their research engagement. Please share any additional resources to Download Applying Racial Equity in Research Engagement Tools & Resources (PDF)

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Discussing & Addressing Challenges in Community-Engaged Research Partnerships

This role-play exercise can be a great way for a CEnR partnership to explore challenges and possible strategies to address them, laugh, and relieve stress. Other relevant resources: Documenting Partnership Roles & Agreements: MOUs & Other Tools Download Addressing Research Partnership Challenges

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Documenting Partnership Roles & Agreements: MOUs & Other Tools

This document provides guidance for research partnerships on how to discuss and document agreements about partnership roles, structures, and process. Related Directory Resources: MOU Samples & MOU Sample w Community Health Center Download Documenting Partnership Roles & Agreements

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Identifying & Engaging Community Stakeholders

This document provides guidance for research partnerships about identifying, approaching, and engaging community stakeholders in community-academic research partnerships. Download Identifying & Engaging Community Stakeholders

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Compensation Guidelines for Community & Stakeholder Engagement

This resource shares compensation guidelines used by the Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute. This may be relevant for academic partners or community-academic partnerships to consider and adapt. Download Compensation Guidelines for Communtiy & Stakeholder Engagement

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Dissemination of Research Findings to Community Audiences

This document contains guidance for research partnerships about collaboratively disseminating project information and findings- including things to consider when preparing a dissemination plan and ideas and resources for getting findings out to both community and academic audiences. Related Directory Resource: Collaborative Research Dissemination Examples

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