Research Capacity Building Tools

Conducting Research with Chicago Public Schools

This document presents guidance on policy and priority areas for conducting health and wellness research at Chicago Public Schools. This includes: Policies and procedures for conducting Health & Wellness research in CPS, including an overview of current Office of Student Health and Wellness priorities; Requirements and timelines for Health & Wellness collaboration projects; and Guidance […]

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Sample ARCC Funded Proposals

The attached document includes two samples of successful funded proposals submitted by community academic
teams to the ARCC Seed Grant Program. The first is for a partnership-building grant and the second is
for a CBPR implementation grant. It may be helpful to look at these examples but please keep in mind that it’s
necessary to carefully craft a proposal to meet the specific requirements of the funding opportunity being

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Establishing a Research Committee at Your Organization

This document gives an example from an ARCC partner of an organization that developed a Research Committee and how it was structured, what it focused on, etc. Developing a group like this may be a good way for your organization to have a team that focuses on assessing and building the organization’s capacity to conduct and participate in research and to track and evaluate this participation.

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Considering and Developing Your Organization’s Research Purpose

This document includes some background on how to develop your organization’s research purpose and four examples of community organizations or coalitions and their unique approach to defining and incorporating research into their organization. Building an organization’s capacity to consider, develop and research priorities are important first steps to be ready to conduct or participate in research.

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Preparing for Discussions with Possible Research Partners

This document can help organizations prepare for discussions with possible research partners (academic or community). Includes 1) things to discuss internally at your organization BEFORE talking with possible research partners; 2) information to give to possible research partners about your organization; and 3) questions to ask possible research partners.

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Assessing your Organization’s Research Environment and Capacity

This document includes three items to help CBOs to assess and better understand how their organization perceives, uses, thinks about research: 1) Discussion questions for organization staff/stakeholders, 2) Assessment tool to be completed by organization staff, and 3) SWOT Analysis framework. It may be helpful for CBOs to consider and discuss the organization’s research environment and capacity as a foundation for considering next steps. Also think about who at your organization should be involved in answering these questions/completing these tools: Leadership staff? Front line staff? Board/stakeholders? clients/community members?

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