Research Capacity Building Tools

Assessing your Organization’s Research Environment and Capacity

This document includes three items to help CBOs to assess and better understand how their organization perceives, uses, thinks about research: 1) Discussion questions for organization staff/stakeholders, 2) Assessment tool to be completed by organization staff, and 3) SWOT Analysis framework. It may be helpful for CBOs to consider and discuss the organization’s research environment and capacity as a foundation for considering next steps. Also think about who at your organization should be involved in answering these questions/completing these tools: Leadership staff? Front line staff? Board/stakeholders? clients/community members?

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Introduction to Research Design

These slides present common research designs, issues to consider when choosing the appropriate design for a project, and case study of how a community-academic research partnership made decisions about their research project design. It may be helpful for community partners to review and consider this background in advance of those conversations.

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Developing a Research Action Plan

Developing an action plan for your organization may help the process of incorporating and embedding research or community-based participatory research (CBPR) into your organization. This document includes a step by step guide on how to develop and maintain and action plan, a template action plan, and some sample goals/objectives. Related Directory Resources: Assessing Your Organizational Research Environment, Considering/Developing Your Organization’s Research Purpose

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Research Job/Intern Position Descriptions

This document includes two examples of a job/intern description used by a community-based organization to hire a research coordinator. These may be useful to other CBOs interested in creating or revising job or intern descriptions related to research.

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Developing Research Questions

This document presents information and strategies for community partners to use when developing research questions. If research will be conducted in partnership with academic partners, this process should include input from and discussions with the academic partners. It may be helpful for community partners to review and consider this background in advance of those conversations.
Includes a link to two video presentations of this information.

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Community Guidelines for Academic Researchers

This document includes tips and guidelines for academic researchers when considering engaging community-based
organizations to conduct build a partnership and conduct research. These are categorized into three sections: prior to
initiating research, during the research and after the research takes place.

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